Group therapy for women problem gamblers: A space of their own

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Piquette-Tomei, Noëlla A.
Norman, Erika
Dwyer, Sonya Corbin
McCaslin, Evelyn
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Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
This report presents the results of a grounded theory analysis produced from in-depth interviews with 14 women participating in group counselling for problem gambling. Themes emerged from this analysis that provided insights into effective counselling practices for women problem gamblers. The results explore the impact of a group therapy approach in addressing the needs of these women. Participants indicated that perceived effectiveness of counselling groups was situated in accessibility, gender-specific clusters, and following specific treatment formats in group meetings designed for gamblers. This paper outlines implications for improving problem gambling treatment within the context of the experiences of the women in this study. Keywords: gambling addiction, women's gambling treatment, grounded theory research, feminist paradigm research, effectiveness of counselling groups, gambling treatment barriers
Women gamblers -- Counseling of , Women gamblers -- Canada
Piquette-Tomei, N., Norman, E., Dwyer, S. C., & McCaslin, E. (2008). Group therapy for women problem gamblers: A space of their own. Journal of Gambling Issues, 22, 275-296.