Autobiography : stories by a Sioux teacher

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Good Striker, Evelyn Alexandria
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, 1998
Human science research is a form of writing. Creating a phenomenological text is the object of the research process (Van Manen, 1990). In the case of this- project my writing. and research serves as pedagogy. Anecdotal narrative as story form is an effective way of dealing with certain kinds of knowledge. Anecdotes can -teach us. The use of story or of anecdotal material in phenomenological writing is not merely a literary embellishment. The stories themselves are -examples -of practical theorizing. Anecdotal narratives {stories) are important for pedagogy in that they function as experiential case material on which pedagogic reflection is possible; H. Rosen (1986), points out the significance- and power of anecdotal narrative: (1) to compel: a story recruits- our willing. attention; (2) to lead us to reflect: a story tends to invite us to a reflective search for significance; (3) to involve us personally: one tends to search actively for the storyteller's meaning via ones own; (4) to transform: we may be touched, shaken, moved by story; it teaches us; (5}to measure one!s interpretive sense: one's response to a story is a measure of one's deepened ability to make interpretive sense (Rosen, 1986). Famous- works- shared by the likes- of Van Manen and Rosen (and many others} have encouraged me to communicate my stories; to validate my life; to heal. I tell my stories through my Sioux mind and heart. I provide a mere snap-shot of what its like inside my world. My personal experiences reveal, who I am, where I came from. My past helps provide a map for my future journey. This work reflects yearnings, desires, dilemmas and questions to uncover possibilities for a better understanding for educators and for any one who imparts knowledge. My work is grounded in the cultural and spiritual knowledge of Sioux and Blackfoot traditions. My-eyes-see differently. I-am engaged in different conversation with things. Some anecdotes describe spiritual conversations with my Maker in the form of prayers, songs and ceremony. Others are harsh realities informing the reader about racism, sexism, oppression and deprivation. You will read about endurance, survival and inextinguishable identity. This- writing has- been my journey to freedom. Through my investigation and reflection I called forth a more confident inner voice of my own. I emerged with self-confidence and power to control my own life. The narratives! share are dedicated to the Marlenes and Audreys not to be forgotten during busy days in classrooms everywhere.
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Good Striker, Evelyn Alexandria -- Anecdotes , Indigenous women -- Canada -- Anecdotes , Indigenous women -- Education -- Canada -- Anecdotes