I am still learning : a professional portfolio

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Purves, Jessica Rae
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, c2010
Professional portfolios are becoming an increasingly prominent form of performance evaluation. They are an effective way for students to demonstrate competency, to plan for and advance in their chosen careers, and to document change, growth, and development over time. Professional portfolios are also an excellent way for students to get to know themselves in relation to what they have learned and as developing professionals. A discussion and subsequent presentation of the author’s own professional portfolio is the focal point of this project. In Chapter 1 the author introduces the professional portfolio as an efficacious form of authentic assessment and lists the fundamental questions that drove the creation of her portfolio. A literature review is provided in Chapter 2, detailing the rationale for assembling a portfolio as a research tool in professional practice. In Chapter 3 the author describes the practical benefits of viewing and developing a portfolio and provides a brief overview of her own portfolio. The author concludes the project in Chapter 4 by reviewing the discovery or growth that resulted from creating a professional portfolio. An example of a professional portfolio that could be used to fulfill the final project requirement of the Master of Education Counselling Psychology program, as well as to demonstrate competency for the purposes of registration as a provisional psychologist in Alberta, is provided in Appendix A. The artifacts and abstracts that correspond with this exemplar are provided in appendices B through F.
viii, 161 leaves : col. ill. ; 29 cm
Employment portfolios , Self-evaluation , Psychologists -- Self-rating of