Impact of an ESL curricular framework

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Ami, Nan P.
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, 2001
The primary purpose of this study was to examine ESL teachers' perceptions of the impact of a revised curricular framework containing performance objectives on their preparation for, implementation in, and evaluation of their classes. Teachers' agency in curriculum making was also briefly examined. This case study was conducted in a private English language school in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The teachers who volunteered to participate in the study possessed diverse experiences and backgrounds in 'teaching ESL locally, nationally, and internationally. Prior to the study, they used a curriculum framework that did not contain performance objectives. Three data collection methods were used to gather information about the teachers' perceptions of the revised curricular framework introduced during the study: questionnaires, semi-structured interviews, and field notes. Several fmdings emerged from the study. First, teachers reported that their use of the revised curricular framework impacted their lesson preparation and implementation. Second, they indicated that their use of the revised curricular framework influenced their approach to evaluation less than it had influenced their preparation and implementation. Third, their involvement in the trial of this revised curricular framework facilitated the teachers' agency in the curriculum making process.
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English language -- Study and teaching as a second language -- British Columbia