A Description of Career Development within Canadian Organizations

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Bernes, Kerry B.
Magnusson, Kris C.
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This study explored the scope and nature of career development services within organizations. One human resource/personnel department representative in each of the 30 largest organizations in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, was interviewed. The Career Development Questionnaire provided the framework for the structured interviews. Participants outlined their conceptualizations of organizational career development, described the outcomes organizations hoped to achieve through the use of career development services, listed the services provided by their organizations, and rated the effectiveness of each service. Although the descriptions and the intended outcomes for career development services were consistent, specific services were not aligned with specific goals. This finding highlighted the need for practitioners to ensure they align services with their goals and for researchers to evaluate the effects of career development services on the basis of their specific intentions. Overall, results suggest that career development within organizations is still practiced in a part-time and informal manner.
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Career development -- Alberta , Career development -- Alberta -- Evaluation
Bernes, K., & Magnusson, K. (1996). A Description of Career Development within Canadian Organizations. Journal of Counseling & Development, 74, 569-574.