Increasing practicum communication with technology

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Meadows, Jeff
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, 2005
The purpose of this project was to examine alternative methods for supervising students within the Faculty of Education, practicum programs-specifically Professional Semester II. As the Undergraduate program grows in size, students need to be placed further afield for the practicum portion of their programs. With this comes the increased cost of supervision as well as the logistical problems associated with trying to put experienced supervisors into all of these classrooms on a weekly basis. From these pressures, grew a pilot project to test the use of different forms of technology to help increase the amount of communication between the Practicum Students, Teacher Associates, and University Consultants. From this starting point, a literature review was conducted to look for current trends in the use of technology-based communication in education. Successful instruments and methodologies from other locations were used as the basis of design for a strategy for the Faculty. With the assistance of the Curriculum Re-Development Centre (CRDC), several online tools were constructed and the University Consultants, Teacher Associates, and Practicum Students were instructed in their use. These tools were then implemented and evaluated over the course of two Professional Semester II practica (2003,2004). Modifications were made between the first pilot and the second to address issues that were raised by Students, Teacher Associates, and University Consultants. The results of these pilots are presented here in the hope that they will help the Faculty find methods of increasing the amount of contact and support for students while at the same time enable Faculty to place them further away from Lethbridge.
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Student teaching -- Computer network resources , Telematics , Computer managed instruction , Teachers -- Training of , Communication and technology , Student teachers -- Supervision of