Children's attachments within child and adolescent inpatient mental health unit

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Keys, Renée
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education.
Despite differences in presenting complaints, backgrounds, and diagnostic status amongst children and adolescents within hospital mental health inpatient units, common deficits exist in many patients’ abilities to form meaningful and trusting relationships. Young patients suffering from mental illness have also been found to have unsatisfied attachment needs. With research on attachment remaining relatively new, gaps and fragmentations within hospital policies and treatment plans continue to exist. Such gaps have consequently led to a noted lack of mastery amongst many hospital staff in successfully providing services to patients. This is particularly true when navigating complex scenarios such as when dependent relationships between staff and patients form. Based on a thorough literature review, a set of guidelines and a concise checklist that foster consistency, sensitivity, and increased felt competency was developed to guide the actions of mental health staff when patients develop dependent relationships to the unit and staff members.
Attachment behavior in adolescence , Attachment behavior in children , Youth -- Mental health , Dependency (Psychology) , Dependency in children