Existential therapy: Supporting youth through anxiety

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Rey, Kaleigh
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education
The intent of my Master of Counselling project was to introduce existential therapy as a viable theoretical framework for counsellors to utilize when addressing youth anxiety and to provide a manuscript for counsellors practicing existential therapy with youth. Anxiety is the most prevalent mental health concern among children and adolescents (Beesdo, Knappe, & Pine, 2009). Weems and Berman (2011) found that youth experience existential anxiety and suggested youth have the capacity to directly address existential concerns; however, empirically validated research on practicing existentialism with youth in a clinical setting has been difficult to locate. Therefore, the focus of this project was to present a literature review on existential therapy and youth anxiety, offer a proposal to empirically investigate the lived experience of youth working through anxiety using an existential approach, as well as include a manuscript in the hope to assist other therapists in using existential therapy with youth struggling with anxiety.
Anxiety in youth , Youth -- Mental health