Inside activated drama pedagogy

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Stratulat, Cynthia
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, c2012
This is a story of a life lived as an artist and teacher. This is a story of living and writing inside dramatic space while activating creative pedagogy. What does it mean to create inside a theatrical collaborative production? In the midst of meaning making in every student written/teacher directed drama that I initiate, I question what our collaborations really are? Are they authentic voice(s) of students or the mimicry and manipulation of their teacher? Creating theatre is a complex and multi-dimensional activity. The voices heard on the stage are a messy mixture of spin off ideas, inspirations, and collaboration. Students come to their authentic voice and I learn to participate in collaborative theatre without my voice interfering with theirs. Drama education, for both students and teachers, contributes to developing imagination, to increase flexibility and creativity. It creates energy to activate knowledge, to gain understanding and experience about the world. Researching this lived drama research experience activates cognition to explore new paths of being. Students are not passive recipients of knowledge and teachers cannot be satisfied with a simplistic, inactive understanding of collaborative work. The very foundation of this project is that I live and write myself as I actively research myself as a collaborative leading teacher. This project offers knowledge and understanding of the lived experience of arts-based teachers and includes reflections from students that will deepen our understanding of the arts-based student.
viii, 87 leaves ; 29 cm
Drama -- Study and teaching , Theater -- Study and teaching