CBT and autism : a literature review and workshop material

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Kincade, Sharon
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, c2009
The overall intention of this project was to enhance awareness, for those involved with persons on the autism spectrum, of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) strategies for treating persons with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The project consisted of two parts: a literature review on autism and the use of CBT strategies for people with ASD; and a PowerPoint presentation with facilitation notes, to be used to disseminate the current research as presented in this project. This projected is intended to be a valuable resource to parents, professionals, and others in close contact with persons on the spectrum. Overall, the evidence reviewed suggested that CBT delivered in a flexible manner individualized to the ASD child can be effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety and may also have an impact on some of the core features of ASD such as social cognition. The research suggested that CBT can be a very powerful and effective tool for higher-functioning children on the autism spectrum, and may be considered an empirically validated efficacious therapy for this population. Strengths and limitations of this project are addressed, and comprehensive appendices as well as an extensive reference list are included.
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Autism spectrum disorders in children -- Treatment , Autism spectrum disorders -- Treatment , Cognitive therapy for children , Cognitive therapy