Making context memories independent of the hippocampus

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Lehmann, Hugo
Sparks, Fraser T.
Spanswick, Simon C.
Hadikin, Crystal
McDonald, Robert J.
Sutherland, Robert J.
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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
We present evidence that certain learning parameters can make a memory, even a very recent one, become independent of the hippocampus. We confirm earlier findings that damage to the hippocampus causes severe retrograde amnesia for context memories, but we show that repeated learning sessions create a context memory that is not vulnerable to the damage. The findings demonstrate that memories normally dependent on the hippocampus are incrementally strengthened in other memory networks with additional learning. The latter provides a new account for patterns of hippocampal retrograde amnesia and how memories may become independent of the hippocampus.
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Context memories , Retrograde amnesia , Fear conditioning , Hippocampal
Lehmann, S., Sparks, F. T., Spanswick, S. C., Hadikin, C., McDonald, R. J., & Sutherland, R. J. (2009). Making context memories independent of the hippocampus. Learning and Memory, 16, 417-420. Retrieved from