Crystal structure of a dimeric ß-diketiminate magnesium complex

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MacNeil, Connor S.
Johnson, Kevin R. D.
Hayes, Paul G.
Boeré, René T.
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International Union of Crystallography
The solid-state structure of a dimeric ß-diketiminate magnesium(II) complex is discussed. The compound, di- -iodido-bis[({4-amino-1,5-bis[2,6-bis(propan-2- yl)phenyl]pent-3-en-2-ylidene}azanido- 2N,N0)magnesium(II)] toluene sesquisolvate, [Mg2(C29H41N2)2I2] 1.5C7H8, crystallizes as two independent molecules, each with 2/m crystallographic site symmetry, located atWyckoff sites 2c and 2d. These have symmetry-equivalent magnesium atoms bridged by -iodide ligands with very similar Mg—I distances. The two Mg atoms are located slightly below ( 0.5 A ° ) the least-squares plane defined by N–C—C–N atoms in the ligand scaffold, and are approximately tetrahedrally coordinated. One and one-half toluene solvent molecules are disordered with respect to mirror-site symmetry at Wyckoff sites 4i and 2a, respectively. In the former case, two toluene molecules interact in an off-center parallel stacking arrangement; the shortest C to C0 ( – ) distance of 3.72 (1) A ° was measured for this interaction.
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Single-crystal X-ray study , Low oxidation , B-diketiminates , Dimeric magnesium complex , Crystal structure
MacNeil, C. S., Johnson, K R. D., Hayes, P. G., & Boeré, R. T. (2016). Crystal structure of a dimeric ß-diketiminate magnesium complex. Acta Crystallographica, Section E, E72, 1754-1756.