Adoption and heritage in the Canadian context

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McKay, Susan L.
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Lethbridge, Alta. :|bUniversity of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education,|c2011
This project on Adoption and Heritage in the Canadian Context explores the potential meaning and impact of the loss of heritage experienced by many adopted persons in Canada, a country in which preservation of culture and heritage, and equality of citizens, are recognized in the Canadian Multiculturalism Act and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. A bioecological approach is applied that involves reviewing literature on the psychology of adopted persons and then exploring how the Canadian socio-cultural context may impact this experience. At the level of the individual experience, topics covered include adoption loss and the meaning of heritage, adoptive identity development across the lifespan, adjustment to adoption, diversity among adopted persons, and motivations associated with seeking birth family and heritage. Recognizing the broader socio-cultural context of Canada, issues related to adoption and heritage (e.g., access to confidential adoption information) are explored with reference to the influence of public opinion, current adoption legislation and policy, and applications of national and international law. As well, ethical analyses of conflicting interests and controversies pertaining to seeking birth family and heritage are conducted by applying ethical principles in biomedicine, counselling, and psychology. For counsellors, this project presents questions, guidelines, and considerations for the purpose of developing adoption-sensitive counselling. For other professionals in psychology (e.g., educators and researchers) and the management of adoption (e.g., policy analysts), opportunities are discussed for increasing participation in social justice activities that contribute to ameliorating distress and facilitating the well being of adopted persons and their families.
xi, 143 leaves ; 29 cm
Adoptees -- Canada , Adoptees -- Canada -- Identification , Adoptees -- Canada -- Psychology , Adoption -- Canada