"Being the Best," One Man's Experience with Steroids: An Interview with Josh

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Bernes, Kerry B.
Bardick, Angela D.
Nixon, Gary
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This article describes one man’s experience with weight lifting and steroid use. Men may engage in heavy weight lifting and steroid use in order to change their bodies, possibly developing behaviours associated with eating disorders and muscle dysmorphia. Previous research has examined the risks associated with steroid use and exercise abuse, however, very little research has used qualitative methodologies to investigate men’s actual lived experience with this phenomenon. The purpose of this article is to present the transcript of an interview with a man who is currently weight lifting and using steroids to gain an insiders perspective into his lived experience, and demonstrate how a qualitative methodology may add depth and richness to our understanding of this phenomenon.
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Weight lifting , Anabolic steroids , Body image
Bardick, A. D., Bernes, K. B., & Nixon, G. (2008). "Being the Best," One Man's Experience with Steroids: An Interview with Josh. Journal of Excellence, 12, 57-70. http://www.zoneofexcellence.ca/Journal/Issue12/one_man_s_experience_with_steroids.pdf