Before, during & after the pandemic: challenges in accessing & using media in academic settings

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Aufderheide, Patricia
Graham, Rumi Y.
Nair, Meera
Taylor, Aaron
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An online workshop presented by the Media Access and Copyright Working Group, Film Studies Association of Canada (FSAC) during the 2022 FSAC Annual Conference. This workshop will provide an overview of the group's work and gather feedback from attendees. Before the conference the group will release a report that outlines three focal areas for the Association to pursue: advocacy for amending the Copyright Act to better support online teaching and learning; opportunities for accessing and exhibiting content using exceptions such as fair dealing; and best practices for repurposing and creating new videographic work using exceptions such as fair dealing. The workshop goals are to hear from a wide range of stakeholders on these issues and to prepare for the next stage of proposed Association working groups.
Open access. Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC) applies
Fair dealing , Film studies
Aufderheide, P., Graham, R., Nair, M., & Taylor, A. (2020, May 26). Before, during & after the pandemic: Challenges in accessing & using media in academic settings. PowerPoint presentation at the FSAC Annual Conference.