Stress-reducing brain exercises : a psychoeducational workshop for first-year postsecondary students

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Bruce, Mark
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, c2012
The intent of the following project is to highlight information about the stress response, resilience, and executive function development and to apply it to first-year postsecondary student populations in a workshop format. The first part of the project presents three comprehensive literature reviews of academic research available on these subjects. The second part offers a workshop guide broken down into four detailed lesson plans for potential facilitators to carry out four 50-minute workshops. These workshops are intended to be psychoeducational and address the information presented in the report. The workshops may be presented individually or as a series to enable appropriate application to students. The focus of this project is to address the significance of the unique stressors experienced by first-year students with the aim of promoting resilience by developing executive function abilities. The proposed workshop may be instrumental in assisting students to develop these abilities, which may reduce student attrition rates and assist students in accomplishing goals and responding resiliently to stress during their postsecondary education and throughout their lives.
xii, 166 leaves ; 29 cm
College students -- Mental health , College students -- Psychology , Stress management , Resilience (Personality trait) , Executive functions (Neuropsychology) , Counseling in higher education