A manual to support clerical interventions for African American women with despression [sic]

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Laycock, Jennifer
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, c2012
Many cultural factors influence how African American women experience and manifest depression, as well as how they seek treatment for it. Many rely on their clergy for support. Through review of current research and best practices literature, strategies African American clergy can use to provide culturally appropriate treatment to African American women with depression were identified and compiled into an outline to develop a counselling manual. The proposed manual was developed with a focus on the unique cultural concerns of African American women, and Africentric worldview. The outline describes empirically supported interventions in language that is easily understood by clergy, counsellors, and laypeople. The development of such a manual should increase the culturally appropriate resources available to African American women battling depression, and pave the way for future collaboration between counsellors and clergy in developing culturally appropriate interventions. For this proposed manual, African American and Black women are defined as female descendants of Africans brought to the United States in slavery, and that align themselves with this cultural group.
vi, 99 leaves ; 29 cm
African American women -- Mental health , Depression in women -- Treatment , Depression, Mental -- Treatment