Understanding the culture of poverty : an evaluation of a school district in-service

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Jones, Caron J.
Corr, Katherine E.
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, 2002
School District #59, in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, is addressing a desire to meet the needs of students who live in generational poverty. The first step in this quest is to create awareness for education staff, of the Culture of Poverty as described by Ruby Payne, inA Framework/or Understanding Poverty. She stipulates that poverty-prone children are likely to suffer developmental delay, exhibit more behaviour problems, and drop out of school more than middle-class students. However, she contends these same children can be successful in school with the appropriate understandings and strategies. With district financial assistance, the authors undertook a project to share Payne's ideas through workshops and to evaluate the effectiveness of this in-service with district educators. The four guiding questions used to evaluate the in-service are: will educators find the Poverty Workshop a positive professional experience, following the workshop do educators intend to implement Payne's strategies, after a three-week interval do educators use Payne's strategies, and after a three-week interval do educators perceive improved student achievement, or behaviour. Workshop evaluations provided feedback for analysis, which led to recommendations regarding data collection and in-service delivery. The authors concluded the workshops were successful in terms of design, delivery, staff receptivity, and reducing educator anger and frustration. The data also indicates there is little or no improvement on student achievement or behaviour within the time frame considered.
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Teachers -- In-service training -- British Columbia , Poor -- Education -- British Columbia , People with social disabilities -- Education -- British Columbia