Changing our aim: infiltrating faculty with information literacy

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Cowan, Sandra A.
Eva, Nicole
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Communications in Information Literacy
Librarians are stretched thin these days – budget cuts and decreasing numbers are forcing us to look at new ways of doing things. While the embedded information literacy model has gained popularity in the past number of years, it may be time for a new model of information literacy. We must arm teaching faculty with the tools they need to teach information literacy to their students. Ideas and examples of how academic librarians can weave information literacy into the teaching culture on campus, and provide instruction to faculty members on how to teach research and information skills to their classes, are explored. By meeting faculty members in their usual ‘learning spheres’ we can show them a more holistic perspective on information literacy and give them examples of how libraries can help them in their own teaching and research, thus encouraging them to transfer some of that knowledge to their students.
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Information literacy , Faculty engagement , Academic libraries , Faculty/librarian collaboration
Cowan, S., & Eva, N. (2016). Changing our aim: infiltrating faculty with information literacy. Communications in Information Literacy, 10(2), 163-177.