Leaps in media access & reuse: copyright codes of best practice

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Smith, Christine F.
Graham, Rumi Y.
Revitt, Eva
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Session co-presented June 5, 2024 at the 52 annual conference of the Canadian Association for Information Science held online June 4 - 7, 2024. Abstract: Academic librarians and media scholars face increasing pressures to preserve, provide access to, and reuse media technology. Simultaneously, technological advances add complexities to assessing the applicability of fair dealing to unauthorized scholarly uses of copyright-protected content. To address these challenges, concerned members of these two communities have joined forces to create the Media Access and Copyright (MAC) Working Group. This session provides an overview of MAC's structure and achievements as well as its current research project, the development of two codes of best practices aimed at supporting informed decision making in the application of fair dealing by scholars and practitioners.
Open access. CC BY NC license applies.
Media reuse , Media access , Copyright codes , Best practices
Smith, C. F., Graham, R., & Revitt, E. (2025, June 4-7). Leaps in media access & reuse: Copyright codes of best practice. [Conference session]. Canadian Association for Information Science. Online. https://cais2024.ca