Women in educational adminisration [sic] : perceptions of female administrators in Southern Alberta

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Baerg-Rancier, Karen
University of Lethbridge. Faculty of Education
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, 2004
Female educational administrators continue to be much less visible than their male counterparts in similar positions. The number of women serving in administrative roles is not proportionate to the number of women in the teaching profession. This paper examines the history of women in administration, the obstacles that some women face, and some proposed solutions to remedy this gender imbalance. Much of the literature relative to this topic focuses on the barriers that many women face and the reasons that these barriers exist. This paper outlines the results of twenty women's responses on a fifteen-item questionnaire, and analyzes the themes within their answers. All of the women are from one school jurisdiction in Alberta, Canada. The study finds that not many women in this particular district encountered barriers that prevented them from reaching their administrative goals for long. It also finds that the women questioned believe there has been much progress made in correcting the imbalance of women in administration in their district. It is hoped that when others read this project they will become more aware of the issues that women face in their administrative careers, both in acquiring the job and in working at it on a daily basis. It is also hoped that other female administrators, or aspiring administrators, who read this paper will feel more comfortable in who they are as they work towards their goal. May current and future female administrators find comfort in the knowledge that what they are feeling or experiencing perhaps have been felt and experienced by those of us who have come before them.
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Women school administrators -- Alberta, Southern -- Attitudes , School administrators -- Alberta, Southern -- Attitudes