Occupational Aspirations of Students in Grades Seven to Twelve

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Bernes, Kerry B.
Bardick, Angela D.
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During adolescence, individuals begin to plan for their future career by considering a number of occupational choices. Counsellors, parents, and educators may be better able to assist adolescents in their exploration of occupational options, help them seek career-related information, and obtain support for their career plans by developing a greater understanding of adolescents’ occupational aspirations. The purpose of this research was to examine the occupational aspirations and the rationales students provided. It is anticipated that the outcome of this research may be used to assist future career program planning for junior and senior high students. This paper presents a review of the literature related to adolescent occupational choice, followed by a description of the research conducted with 3,562 junior high students and 2,941 senior high students in Southern Alberta utilizing the Comprehensive Career Needs Survey (CCNS; Magnusson and Bernes, 2002), and a discussion of the results.
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Career development -- Alberta , Vocational guidance -- Alberta , Vocational guidance
Bardick, A. D. & Bernes, K. B. (2005). Occupational Aspirations of Students in Grades Seven to Twelve. NATCON Papers. http://www.natcon.org