Tilo Schabert's architectonic science

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von Heyking, John
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Ficino Publications
Tilo Schabert’s The Second Birth of Man: On the Political Beginnings of Human Existence consists of a restatement, under modern conditions, of Aristotle’s claim that politics is an “architectonic science.” Schabert’s discussion of creativity, of bodies, of soul, of God, of freedom, and of friendship creates a synthetic account of political action in its fundamental sense. In this article I trace the arc of this synthesis and assess what is ever ancient and ever new in this remarkable book.
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Politics , Creativity , Beginning , Bodies , God , Freedom , Friendship , Tilo Schabert , Book reviews , Political creativity , Politics of bodies , Politics of the soul , Politics of God , Politics of freedom
von Heyking, J. (2016). Tilo Schabert's architectonic science [Review of the book The second birth of man: On the political beginnings of human existence, by T. Schabert]. International Political Anthropology, 9(2), 35-50.