The Hakomi method of psychotherapy : an exploration of healing

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Marco, Amy S.
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, c2012
This project is an exploration of the core theoretical principles of the Hakomi method of psychotherapy. These principles are explored and illustrated via my personal narrative account of being a client of a skilled Hakomi therapist. This narrative provides a unique and descriptive account of Hakomi psychotherapy in action. Founded by Ron Kurtz in the 1970s, Hakomi therapy is an experiential, body-focused method of therapy (Johanson, 2006a, 2009b). The main principles—organicity, unity, mind-body holism, nonviolence, and mindfulness—comprise the framework of this powerful and highly impactful psychotherapeutic method, and are the basis upon which Hakomi practitioners work. An applied resource for practitioners and graduate students is provided in both the personal narrative and in the appendix item of chosen Hakomi resources that are available for those in the counselling and helping profession.
ix, 73 leaves ; 29 cm
Mind and body therapies , Psychotherapy