The human heart : stress and emotions at play

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Naranjo, Rocio
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Lethbridge, Alta. : University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Education, c2009
The purpose of this final project is first, to provide a broad understanding of cardiovascular disease as a dynamic condition that responds to the physical environment of the human body and to the psychosocial factors that surround the affected individual. This broad understanding includes a contemporary definition and a multidimensional view of health and illness. Secondly, the paper evaluates current cardiac rehabilitation models, discussing the need to reorient these programs to comprehensively treat patients. Finally, this project presents a rehabilitation program based on self-efficacy theory with the goal to implement this model to cardiac rehabilitation programs in Ecuador.
xi, 108 leaves ; 29 cm
Cardiovascular system -- Diseases , Cardiovascular system -- Effect of stress on , Heart -- Diseases -- Patients -- Rehabilitation -- Ecuador , Heart -- Diseases -- Homeopathic treatment -- Ecuador , Mind and body , Heart -- Effect of stress on , Heart -- Psychophysiology , Psychobiology