Subcontracting in Hokkaido's resource processing sectors

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MacLachlan, Ian
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Center for Development Policy Studies, Hokkai-Gakuen University (Sapporo, Japan)
The Japanese economic miracle has inspired considerable interest in the organization of the Japanese industrial system. One of the unique aspects of industrial capitalism in Japan is the vast array of contractual linkages articulating part-time and family businesses with multinational corporations. This paper begins with a brief definition of terms related to industrial subcontracting in Japan and then considers subcontracting in Hokkaido. While less pervasive than on the mainland, industrial subcontracting is a vital component in Hokkaido's space economy and it is found in every industrial sector. To explain the relations between small and large firms two conceptual models are introduced: dualism and flexible production. Data from primary and secondary sources are used to show that the dualism model is most germane to the resource processing industries of the Hokkaido region.
Subcontracting -- Japan
MacLachlan, I. (1992). Subcontracting in Hokkaido's resource processing sectors. Kaihatsu Ronshu: Journal of Development Policy Studies, 49, 181-196.