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  • Kewley, Erika; McBride, Dawn Lorraine (The Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences and McMaster UniversityEducationUniversity of Lethbridge, 2013)
    This manuscript presents a critical analysis of the ethical implications when mental health professionals, such as psychologists, use data from their clients’ assessments for research purposes. The ethical premise, drawn ...
  • Marco, Amy S.; McBride, Dawn Lorraine; Johanson, Gregory (Hakomi InstituteEducationUniversity of Lethbridge, 2012)
    This article introduces readers to Hakomi in an alternative manner. Rather than present an overview of the interventions associated with the principles, it provides a personal narrative illustrating how the principles are ...
  • Schuilenberg, Susannah-Joy; Warren, Meg; Crookes, Annie; Al Serkal, Alia; Donaldson, Scott I.; McBride, Dawn Lorraine (Middle East Journal of Positive PsychologyEducationWilliam & Associates Consultant ServicesInternational Positive Psychology AssociationWestern Positive Psychology Association (USA)Heriot-watt Universitydu Telecommunications (UAE)Claremont Graduate UniversityUniversity of Lethbridge, 2016)
    Professional associations have a mandate to protect and regulate those members deemed qualified to provide mental health services to the public. This is accomplished through supervision and policing of practitioners’ ...
  • McBride, Dawn Lorraine (EducationUniversity of Lethbridge, 2016)
    Abstract not available