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  • Greve, T. R.; Leonidaki, I.; Xilouris, E.M.; Weiss, A.; Zhang, Z.-Y.; van der Werf, P.; Aalto, S.; Armus, L.; Diaz-Santos, T.; Evans, A.S.; Fischer, J.; Gao, Y.; Gonzalez-Alfonso, E.; Harris, A.; Henkel, C.; Mekjerink, R.; Naylor, David A.; Smith, H.A.; Spaans, M.; Stacey, G.J.; Veilleux, S.; Walter, F. (American Astronomical Society, 2014)
    We present FIR[50-300 um]-CO luminosity relations (i.e., log Lfir = a log L’co + B) for the full CO rotational ladder from J = 1 – 0 up to J = 13 -12 for a sample of 62 local (z <= 0.1) (Ultra) Luminous Infrared Galaxies ...