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  • Hipfner, J. Mark; Prill, Marie M.; Studholme, Katharine R.; Domalik, Alice D.; Tucker, Strahan; Jardine, Catherine; Maftei, Mark; Wright, Kenneth G.; Beck, Jessie N.; Bradley, Russell W.; Carle, Ryan D.; Good, Thomas P.; Hatch, Scott A.; Hodum, Peter J.; Ito, Motohiro; Pearson, Scott F.; Rojek, Nora A.; Slater, Leslie; Watanuki, Yutaka; Will, Alexis P.; Bindoff, Aidan D.; Crossin, Glenn T.; Drever, Mark C.; Burg, Theresa M. (Public Library of ScienceArts and ScienceDepartment of Biological SciencesEnvironment and Climate Change CanadaUniversity of LethbridgeDahlousie UniversitySimon Fraser UniversityFisheries and Oceans CanadaOikonos Ecosystems KnowledgeBlue Point Conservation ScienceNational Oceanographic and Atmospheric AdministrationInstitute for Seabird Research and ConservationUniversity of Puget SoundToyo UniversityWashington Department of Fish and WildlifeUnited States Fish and Wildlife ServiceHokkaido UniversityUniversity of Alaska FairbanksUniversity of Tasmania, 2020)
    We tested the hypothesis that segregation in wintering areas is associated with population differentiation in a sentinel North Pacific seabird, the rhinoceros auklet (Cerorhinca mono cerata). We collected tissue samples ...