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  • Kramer, Bianca; Bosman, Jeroen; Ignac, Marcin; Kral, Christina; Kalleinen, Tellervo; Koskinen, Pekko; Bruno, Ian; Buckland, Amy; Callaghan, Sarah; Champieux, Robin; Chapman, Chris; Hagstrom, Stephanie; Martone, MaryAnn; Murphy, Fiona; O'Donnell, Daniel Paul (Pensoft PublishersArts and ScienceDepartment of EnglishUtrecht (U. K)YKON (Berlin)YKON (Helsinki)Cambridge Crystallographic Data CentreUniversity of ChicagoScience and Technology Facilities Council (U.K.)Oregon Health and Science UniversityPentandra (U.S.)University of (U.S.)University of ReadingUniversity of Lethbridge, 2016)
    'Today’s dominant modes and models of scholarly communication stem from 350 years of tradition around scholarly and scientific dissemination through printed materials. As has been often noted, current forms of electronic ...